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Time of Remembrance Ceremony

Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Commissioner Mark Glass opened the 2022 Florida Missing Children's Day ceremony on September 12th, 2022, where he recognized family members of missing and missing deceased children. Commissioner Glass said, "Today we honor the memories of the children who have been taken from us and reaffirm our promise that we will never abandon the search for them. I am grateful for our Florida law enforcement community and their dedication to the safety of our children."

 In 2022, Governor Ron DeSantis said, "Every day, we are reminded of how important the mission is of protecting Florida's children. It is because of the selflessness and heroism of our dedicated law enforcement and first responders that the lives of children and Floridians across the state are saved."

Please join us in remembering Florida's missing and missing deceased children family members below.

Family of Somer Thompson
Family of Tristyn Bailey
Family of Bonnie and Jeremy Dages
Family of Sanchez Hughes
Family of Coralrose Fullwood
Family of Jimmy Ryce
Family of Amanda Brown
Family of Zachary Michael Cole Bernhardt
Family of Trenton Duckett
Family of Morgan Martin
Family of Mark Degner
Family of Bryan Hayes
Family of Wendy Hudakoc
Family of Tiffany Sessions
Family of Diana Alvarez
Family of Jabez Spann
Family of Haleigh Cummings
Family of Adji Desir
Family of Madelyn Clifton
Family of Ivan Aguilar
Family of Jennifer Kesse
Family of Ronkeya Holmes and Masaraha Ross
Family of Erik Sol Patchin
Family of Lurline Bergeron
Family of Elisa Nelson
Family of Colleen Orsborn
Family of Christian Aguilar
Family of Anthony Lamar Peterson
Family of Patty and Peggy McDaniel
Family of Shelby Cox
Family of Danielle Brown
Family of Ali Gilmore
Family of Kamrie Mitchell
Family of Phillip Koss
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